Choose our private road paving service in Lafayette, LA

Create the Access You Need for Your Property

If you live or work in an area outside of the town or city limits nearest you, you may find that you have to create your own access roads for your home or business. At FH Asphalt Paving, we can design and pave those private roads for you. Our private road paving service is professional, affordable and delivers top-quality results.

We can provide road paving service for:

  • Rural areas
  • Small subdivisions
  • Small townships
  • Private property

It’s time to create that private road you need. Choose the premier road paving service in Lafayette, LA now.

A private road requires advance planning

A private road requires advance planning

More and more property owners are taking advantage of private roads. You can, too. However, you’ll have to maintain the road yourself, which can be time-consuming and costly. You should ask questions before installing a private road, such as:

  • Who has access?
  • Is there already an existing road?
  • Who will maintain the road?
  • Will other residents use the road?

With a little planning, your road paving project can be very beneficial. Get started on your private road paving project in Lafayette, LA as soon as possible.